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10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2017 That Will Boost Your Strategy

Digital marketing is a spontaneous, unpredictable, and unstable industry. It is very difficult to keep up with the changing industry. Luckily, there is always a solution to everything difficult and challenging. If you are capable of identifying current trends, lay down a matchless strategy and take the omputable movement forward, unquestionably you will succeed. I have come up with few such strategies which can help you move forward on the path of success, for next few months of digital marketing, if not for next few years.

  1. Do not put all your marketing eggs into Google’s basket

This point should not be misconstrued. New comers in the market are nowhere near to unseat Google, but their rise point towards customers want of alternatives.  Increasing number of customers are no more willing to depend completely on Google when they have alternatives. There are many sources other than Google via which searchers can accomplish their goal. I would suggest to make the interaction with the target market direct, rather than relying on Google.

  1. More mobile!

Customers are heavily dependent on mobile phones today, so do not underestimate or overlook the prominence of mobile optimization, mobile search, mobile ubiquity and mobile conversions. Mobile phones are technique of crowd and must be a primacy of marketers.

  1. Get ready for social conversion

All of us have seen the power of social media signals and networks but haven’t seen the influence of social conversions yet. Social media is a thriving network for lead generation sites and ecommerce for gaining popularity and increase conversion rates.

  1. Introduce yourself to new payment methods

EVM credit cards which are to be introduced in October 2017 is expected to take over the market and that will have a huge effect on ecommerce sites and online payment. It is now completely up to the digital marketer how they reassure, educate and direct the customers through the transition while privacy remains a major loophole.

  1. Paid advertising is not going anywhere

PPC is seeing its downfall but there are other forms of paid advertisements which have evolved and are establishing their place. Buzztala, for example, provides ‘organic video ads’, which are after advertisements and of course paid. Many form of organic or paid advertising are being adopted by various brands and they are growing.

  1. Marketing automation is the current trend

Marketing automation was always there and will be here, the only difference is it has grown. Now marketing automation is not restricted to few big world-recognized countries, it has become affordable for new marketers and a requirement for any business that desires to stay on top.

  1. Content creators are going to be a necessity

Internet is filled with content, lots of them, still we need more. Content is the ‘king’ in the market and will continue to be and content creators will always be in demand. You not only need a great writer now, he has to be knowledgeable about your niche too.

  1. The algorithm will keep changing

The search algorithm will change and you have to accept it! Yes, I am referring to Google’s search algorithm, which decides what content ranks highest in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). However, it is not only Google we need to worry about, we also have to consider Bing’s algorithm, merge of Twitter and Google’s algorithm and even Facebook’s algorithm.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization will have a place in your budget

If you still haven’t added the expenditure of conversion rate optimization to your budget I would suggest you do. It is the process to maximize the number of visitors to your site who convert. Marketers need to split test changes on website and completely understand users to determine what elements or landing page will harvest maximum conversions. Instead of investing fat cash for organic traffic marketers can tunnel the existing traffic into increased sales.

  1. Growth hacking will evolve

In my belief, one of the greatest captivating trends in 2017 is the sustained evolution of growth hacking. Growth hacking will stay to prove its unconquerable power.

Don’t let this list intimidate you in any way. Overcome your fear and move forward. You should not indecisively jump headfirst into digital marketing trend, rather take this trends as a caution and be careful when you unwrap the success awaiting you.