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How Amazon has improved their platform to dominate the competition?

Amazon is the world’s most popular market where buyers and sellers from all over the world are gathered to do business. There was a time when Amazon was also a start-up business like many other businesses in the world. There was a limited circle of people who were aware of this platform. But the popularity it gained in a few years was extremely amazing. It dominated all its competitors gradually and reached a position where it is almost unbeatable now. Today, we’re going to take a look at how Amazon traveled from Zero to Hero and what were the difficulties and hurdles they had to cover during this journey.

Excellent Customer Service

When you’re in a business, one of your major concerns is to satisfy your customers by providing them the services they are looking and this is what Amazon was focused on. From first day, their team kept working to provide the excellent services to their customers and this is how they found a huge number of on-going customers. When you’re satisfying your customers by fulfilling all their requirements, no one else can beat you in the race. And this is how Amazon successfully dominated all the competitors and became one of the top-rated marketplaces.


SEO is the most important way of promoting your website on the internet. Amazon’s team put all the focus on maintaining their site according to the requirements of Search Engines. Ebay was considered to be one of the top competitors for Amazon. Both Amazon and Ebay were the top giants of this industry but suddenly a turning point came in 2013 when Ebay was penalized by Google due to the bad quality services and plagiarized content while Amazon became more successful as their biggest competitors had disappeared from the searches. Amazon team is still working on maintaining their site’s content according to the terms of SEO so that they do not get penalized by Google. Taking a look at will help you understand that how hard they are trying to maintain their reputation.

Technological Advancement

The Amazon team kept adding the latest and advanced technology to their website to provide a better and excellent experience to their customers. This is another quality of the website that helped it beat all the competitors gradually. Customers are always looking to find something new and interesting and this is what Amazon is focused on providing them. Amazon team designed the website according to the standards of Artificial Intelligence which helped them provide the relevant results to their customers that the customer was interested in. Their recent step improving their delivery speed also explains that how hard they are working to satisfy their customers. They have recently introduced the drone delivery option in America where they use a drone to deliver the order to the customers. The customers are very happy with this advancement as their order reaches them just in a few minutes. They are going to launch this system in all other countries very soon.
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Check out this guide to Siri’s new and improved software

That is one of the major reasons due to which Apple has become one of the most popular brands in the Smartphone industry. Today, we’re going to talk about all the new and improved features of Siri that you’ll find in the recent update. Siri has become so much advanced now that it will not only provide you the answers to the questions you ask but it will also provide you helpful advice about your phone and its software. If you have never used the Apple’s device before, we guarantee you that you’ll fall in love with this brand after using the recent version of Siri. Siri is not less than a mystery as it has such a huge number of features in it that can’t be described in a single article. Therefore, we’ve decided to mention only a few features that are considered to be the best. For more information about Siri’s new update, you can visit Apple’s official site as there is a lot of information available for your facility.

Till then, let’s take a look at the best features of Siri that have been added in the recent update. Here are some of the features that you'll find the latest update of Siri.


Translation of different international languages is one of the most amazing features that have been added in the latest update of Siri. The amazing features, that are included in this latest update, will definitely blow your mind and they’ll make you go crazy. This amazing feature of translation has made things a lot easier for you as you can now easily communicate with your friends without having to worry if they know English or not. Siri will now help you translate your message into different languages. Chinese, French, and German are some of the languages that are included in the translation feature. The communication with international friends and clients is just a single command away now.


In the older version of the Siri, there were only a few limited functions included and we had to take help from other software to protect our important information. But now it has brought several advancements with it. Taking a look at MobileSiri's guides to the best smart locks will help you find the best lock for your apps and data. Click here and take a look at the features that are included in the latest update of Siri.
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