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Check out this guide to Siri’s new and improved software

Siri is the greatest invention of the present era that has completely changed the way we use our phone or tablet. There was a time when people couldn’t even imagine having such an amazing thing in their access that could them in all the difficulties.

But no one can predict the future. So, the future is here now, where you can ask Siri to provide you the answers to the questions that you’re looking for. Every new update of Siri is filled with lots of improvement and each time it brings cool and amazing features for our benefit.

That is one of the major reasons due to which Apple has become one of the most popular brands in the Smartphone industry. Today, we’re going to talk about all the new and improved features of Siri that you’ll find in the recent update.

Siri has become so much advanced now that it will not only provide you the answers to the questions you ask but it will also provide you helpful advice about your phone and its software. If you have never used the Apple’s device before, we guarantee you that you’ll fall in love with this brand after using the recent version of Siri.

Siri is not less than a mystery as it has such a huge number of features in it that can’t be described in a single article. Therefore, we’ve decided to mention only a few features that are considered to be the best. For more information about Siri’s new update, you can visit Apple’s official site as there is a lot of information available for your facility.

Till then, let’s take a look at the best features of Siri that have been added in the recent update. Here are some of the features that you’ll find the latest update of Siri.


Translation of different international languages is one of the most amazing features that have been added in the latest update of Siri. The amazing features, that are included in this latest update, will definitely blow your mind and they’ll make you go crazy.

This amazing feature of translation has made things a lot easier for you as you can now easily communicate with your friends without having to worry if they know English or not. Siri will now help you translate your message into different languages.

Chinese, French, and German are some of the languages that are included in the translation feature. The communication with international friends and clients is just a single command away now.


In the older version of the Siri, there were only a few limited functions included and we had to take help from other software to protect our important information. But now it has brought several advancements with it. Taking a look at MobileSiri’s guides to the best smart locks will help you find the best lock for your apps and data.

Click here and take a look at the features that are included in the latest update of Siri.