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How to Take a Perfect Video with an Android Phone in 5 Steps.

In the current generation, everyone has a story of their own, and some of these people love to share their experiences and knowledge with the world in the form of videos.

Every Android phone in the world has a camera application in it, and people use it for various reasons such as clicking pictures and recording live events around them. Taking a video is one of the easiest things in the world to do, as people whip out their phones, click on the screen and start recording events, but little do people know there are certain mistakes they make that once fixed can have a positive impact on their videos. Here are the five necessary steps one must follow which will help them achieve a perfect video even by using an android phone,


1) Choosing the Right Camera app –

While taking a video, it is highly essential to choose the right camera application. Although every single smartphone comes with an inbuilt camera application, they at times do not match the user’s requirements. There are various applications on the google play store which allows you to take videos with pre-added filters that’ll make your videos look much better. It is essential to choose the right application as it shows the story that the videographers trying to portray.


2) Making Adjustments –

Just knowing the rite application and using it to shoot videos does not guarantee a perfect shot. A person must ensure that various aspects such as lighting, shadow, and color composition are correctly adjusted as per requirement. These small factors profoundly affect the overall quality of the video. These adjustments can even be made in the last stage during editing of the video.


3) Framing the screen –

While taking a video, a person must always concentrate on their phone screens at all times. Certain times the width of the camera angle gets over, and the video gets interrupted thus at times like these a person must be smart enough to slowly change the camera angle as they take the video thus ensuring no unnecessary cuts and interruptions.


4) Shooting the video –

This is where all the previous steps come together to create a masterpiece. Whether it be for a vlog or even a professional movie, it can all be shot by using an Android phone. While shooting a video, a person must ensure that what they are trying to portray must be seen clearly in the shot. One of the easiest ways to show the essential aspects of the video is by merely focusing on them.


5) Editing –

This is an additional step that in today’s generation is used by all to create stunning, breathtaking videos. Editing software allows their users to bring out the creative side in them. videoshow pc and Android is one such application that is widely used by people to achieve perfection in their videos.