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What Is Click Funnel And How Does It Work

A clickfunnel is an online sales funnel builder which helps business market, sell and deliver their products. This tool simplifies online marketing difficulties by providing options to pre-built a specific product or service. It is easier than ever to create an online funnel whereas traditionally one had to deal with website hosting, landing pages and many more but now clickfunnels incorporate a lot of comprehensive packages where you have to get the right package which matches your business.

Clickfunnels helps by simplifying the sales and marketing funnels for any type of business as there are a various different type of funnels each needs to be designed and organized in a way which attracts clients. Clickfunnels users treat a variety of pre-built sales funnels, which they have to choose which matches your specific business requirements. As clickfunnel saves you time and effort, which helps you to start an organization which speeds up your sales funnel setup. All you have to do is to select a template which is tested to work. You have to accelerate your A/B testing phase to help in your performance. Due to its user-friendly interface, easy animation and videos, it has a relatively shorter learning curve.


Features of clickfunnel

  • You can create your own custom domains
  • You can perform A/B testing to ensure that they are user-friendly
  • It is easy to integrate email
  • It has many funnel options which are advanced which is seen in improving sales
  • It is one of the best when it comes to understanding Hangout funnels, order pages, downside pages, etc.
  • It has priority support and priority template requests


The cost of clickfunnel

Now that you have seen the advantages and features of clickfunnels you must be wondering, how much does clickfunnels cost per month? Clickfunnels offer two main packages, which have a two week trial period. If you are a start-up, the package will cost you about $97 per month and has services like A/B split testing, Email integration, unlimited contact leads, membership funnels, etc. If you an already an established enterprise, you will get a package for $297 per month, which has all the start-up features with priority support and priority template requests. Each package has its own advantages for the specific business mentioned.


User Satisfaction

This sales software is important to make a decision, which is why it is important to do your research, where you can ask real people and companies about satisfaction with their product. Click funnel has many other alternatives, but it is up to you to make an informed decision when it comes to getting the right software.