About Softbe

let’s peep into the past of the website

Before We Took Over, Softbe was

Specializing in security and privacy solutions for the everyday PC user and business, Softbe, Inc. was founded in 2000. Softbe, Inc. was built on the idea of providing secure and reliable software to everyone.

Our company goal is very simple: to provide truly useful security software for parents, spouses and employers, to make these tools powerful, yet simple to use, and to provide these tools at an affordable price, backed by excellent support. We are proud of our accomplishments, impressive clientele list, and progressive growth. We look forward to working with our customers to help them protect their data and information. Softbe, Inc. promotes computer and Internet information security.

At the beginning of 2005 Softbe, Inc. was acquired by Edison Commerce Corp. Combining the two companies gives our clients the best of both worlds. Softbe, Inc. continues to bring strong technologies, excellent products and high service levels, while Edison Commerce Corp. provides powerful marketing and increased market visibility. Both Softbe, Inc. and Edison Commerce Corp. are committed to making the combined company a true success, and we are working hard to bring together the best solutions and practices across the organization and make these advantages available to our dear customers.

Meet the new owners

Charles Own the Softbe Now

Charles H

Charles and his team are new owners of Softbe and the website is no more associated to its previous owners.

Being a new owner of the website, let me make it very clear that we are not responsible for any legal issues, damage, payments, or any event happened when the site was managed by the previous owner.

Softbe is now a software review blog where Charles and his team review different tools and programms made to make tasks easy online.

Charles is a 30 years old geek having an experience of 7 years in the digital marketing industry. He works with different tools and software for blogging, email marketing, podcasting, website building, accounting, and so on. He started work on Softbe to imply his insights of all software he uses so that others can make the right choice of software for their businesses.

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We Make it Very Easy to Choose the Best Software for your Business.

First We Use

First we try each software at our end before recommending it publicly.

Second We Research

Our team spend hours on researching all sides of software and point out information that users should know.

Third We Suggest

We recommend only genuine software and tools after thorough research.

Why Choose Softbe


We have expertise to review any software by implying its pros and cons that our readers should know to make the right choice.


We have been in the digital arena since 2010 having experience of working with hundreds of software from different categories.


Our experts spend hours on daily basis to research software. It helps to come up with reliable information.


Softbe is a participant in several affiliate programs like Amazon and Clickbank. It means, we may earn a commission at no cost to you when you purchased things through these affiliate links.