Apple’s Freeform App: Key Features and Uses


Apple’s Freeform application is out, and it is making heads turn with its numerous use cases. The app is available for iPad 16.2, iOS 16.2, and macOS Ventura.

The application is compared to a flexible canvas because you can use the application in ways you see fit.

Before learning the different uses of this application, here’s how to use Freeform app. As soon as you update your Apple devices to the latest OS version, the Freeform app icon will appear on your devices.

However, if your device is running low on storage space or the application was not installed for some reason, you can find the app on the App Store. Download and install the app to use it to your heart’s content.

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What is Apple’s FreeForm App?

Freeform is an exciting new app designed to help unlock users’ creative potential. Ideal for students, teams and creatives of all types, Freeform provides a flexible canvas to organize content quickly and easily.

With the app you’ll have the ability to visually lay out information in one convenient location and add a range of different file types without ever having to leave the board.

Best of all, Freeform allows multiple users to collaborate on projects together in real-time with FaceTime calls and easy editing capabilities.

Storing boards on iCloud means there’s no need to worry about being out of sync between devices – giving users the perfect workspace for remote collaboration!

Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president, is confident that “Freeform opens up endless possibilities for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users” – making it straightforward for teams of all sizes to come together in one virtual space. Get your hands on Freeform today and open up the potential for creative collaboration!

Key Features

Freeform Boards give anyone the creative freedom to express their ideas in a unique and memorable way.

Whether it’s collecting research for an educational project, gathering inspiration from those around you, or sharing your latest work, Freeform provides limitless options for content creation– photos, video, audio, documents, PDFs, web links, stickies… the list goes on!

Not to mention the opportunity to draw and make diagrams with over 700 different shapes. And if you’d like to keep your paper documents organized without taking up space in the real world? Simply utilize the built-in document scanner right within the board to scan documents and add annotations as desired.

Unlock your creative potential with a Freeform Board.

FreeForm Application Uses

Let’s look at all the creative and amazing uses of the Freeform application.

Doodle or Sketch

Doodling or sketching is one of the best stress-busters; it will immediately help you relax.

Thanks to the Freeform application, you don’t need to search for pen and paper to sketch or doodle whatever comes to your mind. Instead, you can do that on your phone.

Sign in to the application and create your masterpiece. This might be the sketch or doodle that makes you famous on social media.

Create a Mood Board

Creating mood boards is an excellent use of the Freeform app. You can include pictures or scanned documents on the board by importing them from your computer’s hard drive. Or you can drag and drop the pictures you want to use onto your mood board from the web.

If you use an iPad, dragging and dropping images will work best with the Split View feature. This way, one side of the display will show the browser window, and the other will display the app. You can drag pictures into the app by holding the image until you see a menu. Then, drag the picture into the app without lifting your finger.

Collaborate with your Team

One of the strengths of the Freeform app is allowing users to freely and efficiently collaborate with their team or friends. You can invite up to ninety-nine people to work on your board.

Therefore, you can use the app for anything. It might be related to working on your company strategy with several colleagues over the next six months or planning a vacation with your family members, friends, and relatives. Everyone you invite will get access to the same tools and features. Each contributor can be highlighted in real-time, and they will be color-coded for better understanding.

If you want to invite someone else to your board, use the share option. All the changes will be synced in real-time and displayed to everyone working on the board. You can even make adjustments to who can access your Freeform boards.

In the navigation pane, you can access your shared boards, recent boards, etc.

Furthermore, the Freeform application works seamlessly with other Apple software. For instance, you can quickly drag a Freeform board into your conversations with a friend or colleague in Messages and promptly invite all the people in the chat thread to participate.

In addition, all the board-related updates will be posted to the same chat thread. So you don’t need to switch applications to see what everyone is doing.

Do you prefer face-to-face interactions? Then, you can start a FaceTime call with the board’s collaborators. On your screen’s corner, video boxes will appear so you can keep an eye on the digital canvas.

If you need to export the boards and share them with your team, you can save them as PDFs.

Brainstorm Ideas

You can use Freeform for brainstorming ideas. The app provides a blank page that allows you to jot down your ideas and inspiration as they come.

In this app, you don’t have to worry about page layouts. Instead, there’s an extendable, large canvas that you can use to brainstorm. You can use shapes and arrows from the library to make more sense of your ideas. Also, you can connect objects automatically by dragging the arrowhead near an item. Then, they will be connected even if you move the items to a new position.

Teaching Tool

Teachers can use the app as a teaching tool in the classroom. After all, the app is free to use, and if you have an Apple device, it is an affordable resource.

By sending a link to your students, you can grant them access to your board. Whoever has the board’s link can edit unless the board settings are changed to view only.

If you want to lock a few elements on your board so your students cannot edit or change them, go to the edit menu and click more. This will take you to the extended menu that includes the option to Lock elements in place.

Final Thoughts

The Freeform app is a blank canvas you can use according to your specific needs. So open the application and enjoy the possibilities.

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