Corner App – New Technology in the Boxing Training


Every fighter knows the importance of thorough preparation for a bout, and now with contemporary technology you can ensure that your training has been more effective than ever before! Before every fight, boxers often tout the success of their latest camp – but why take them at their word? Now you have the tools to prove it.

As a boxer, staying on top of your punches is essential for improving accuracy and performance.

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Corner punch trackers offer a unique way to monitor your training and help you measure your progress every step of the way. All you need to get started is standard boxing equipment like wraps, gloves and a punching bag, along with the Corner kit which contains two sensors, a charging cable and wristbands.

Connecting the kit to your phone or tablet through their Corner app (Android and iOS) is a breeze; simply charge up the sensors, insert them into the wristbands or tuck them into your wraps, and start punching away! In seconds you’ll have an accurate readout on strength, power and speed- per punch!

Training with a punch bag can be an incredibly effective way to stay fit and hone your boxing skills, but not many people have the time to go to a boxing gym.

Fortunately, the new punching bag app is a great solution for any orthodox or southpaw boxer – simply set whether you’re orthodox or southpaw on the app, then throw a jab and cross for in-depth data tracking. With this information, you can choose to either get straight into training, or set a round timer, punch output target and monitor your progress from there with live updates!

And with data analysis that allows you to review punching accuracy combined with an online leaderboard of the top boxers using the app, there really hasn’t been such a comprehensive training tool available before now.

Even when we’re merely working out to stay fit, setting goals and getting an accurate measure of our own progress is essential. For professional boxers, understanding the nitty-gritty details of their training session is invaluable.

According to Charles Burr, the creator of Corner – “In terms of detection, especially after the latest update, it’s pretty much 98% accurate in terms of detecting the punches themselves”

Even though the accuracy of its measurement has been improved, Corner continuously listens to user feedback and updates their app accordingly.

Burr Said – “It’s one thing testing with a few people,” “But as soon as you release it to the masses it’s a total different experience. You find all these weird and wonderful bugs and stuff that you never even thought of. That’s definitely been a fun learning curve for us.”

To create a more accurate experience, they have made their boxing gloves even more sensitive to detect lighter punches and will be rolling out additional features in the near future.

While the device can’t replace a boxing coach, it is nonetheless an indispensable tool in honing one’s skills. It won’t teach you strategy or tactics, but it will give you valuable insight into your technique and help refine your craft.

Burr made it clear – “It’s not replacing a pro coach who’s been watching the sport and guys in gyms for many, many years,” “It’s an extra pair of eagle eyes and an automatic log for them as well.”

Usually, only the elite athletes have access to this kind of extensive data and analysis about their performance. It’s a game-changer that this advanced level of information is now conveniently one tap away on your phone!

All in all, whether you’re a boxing enthusiast making boxing predictions tonight or an athlete training for the upcoming tournament, this Corner App has created quite a stir.

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