How Much Ram Should I Allocate to Minecraft?

How much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft mainly depends on your use of different mods. Without mods 3GB to 4GB ram would be enough. Let’s find out more.
How Much Ram Should I Allocate to Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has been around for years. However, the popularity and complexity of Minecraft has grown exponentially in recent years. Minecraft players are always looking for ways to improve their gaming experience, and one of the biggest challenges is getting the right hardware to run the game.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how much ram you should allocate to Minecraft. Keep reading to learn more!

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How Minecraft uses RAM?

Minecraft (or Minecraft: Java Edition) is a sandbox video game that allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D environment.

It is possible to play Minecraft without allocating RAM. However, to display textured data properly Minecraft uses a large amount of RAM.

How much RAM Minecraft Uses?

Minecraft’s environment isn’t pre-fabricated and it responds to the players. Its biggest draw is its versatility. Minecraft has the potential to become anything from adventure to horror.

Minecraft has the potential to utilize a substantial amount of memory, particularly when mods are in use.

The minimal amount of RAM you should allocate to Minecraft is 4 GB, but installing mods will demand more. If you only install a mod or two, then 8 GB will be enough. If you install many mods, then you need at least 16 GB.

There are some mods that may even use up 32 GB of RAM.

While the exact amount of RAM needed for Minecraft mods can vary based on the mods you’re using, 16GB should be more than enough in most cases.

Keep in mind that Minecraft is a three-dimensional game and it uses high-resolution textures. Games that use high-resolution textures require a lot of RAM.

Another big draw of the game is its fully dynamic weather system. Weather changes in-game and fluctuates frequently. A storm can come out of nowhere and rain can pour down at any moment. The dynamic weather system will also use a lot of RAM.

How much RAM should I Allocate to Minecraft?

Minecraft has a variety of game modes, including survival, creative, adventure and spectator. Since Minecraft has so many features, it requires a lot of RAM and processing power.

To play Minecraft without utilising additional features and installing multiple mods, you need to allocate at least 30% to 40% of the total RAM of your system. If you are playing minecraft on a computer with less memory or installing multiple mods, add-ons, and utilising other features of the game then 50% to 60% allocation of memory is recommended.


Over the next few years, the game changed and developed. It has been integrated with so many new mods and features and hence the RAM requirement for Minecraft totally depends on how professionally you are playing the game.

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