How Tech is Improving the Game of NCAA and NBA Basketball Teams?


Basketball is a sport that has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that technology has started to revolutionize the game. From college teams in the NCAA tournament to professional teams like the Golden State Warriors, high-tech tools are being used to help players measure and improve their performance on the court.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the innovative ways tech is improving basketball—from tracking player movements and physical condition during practice or games with SportVU cameras to wearable sensors and “smart” basketballs that track shooting accuracy.

So, either you are a bettor interested in college basketball picks today or betting, or a player looking to level up gaming skill, below are some technologies which are worth knowing.

Tech Impacts on Basketball

The NBA is leading the way when it comes to using technology in basketball. Every NBA venue now has a camera system called SportVU installed which tracks players’ movements 25 times per second and provides real-time data about passes, dribbles, touches, drives and isolations as well as running speed and physical load on each player’s body.

This data can then be used by coaches and analysts alike to gain insights into how best to adjust team strategy based on what they see happening on court during games or practices.

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson also noted how his team uses devices “that track our movement and how much energy you’re expending.” This technology is now becoming available to the consumer market in the form of tracking systems such as ShotTracker, which consists of a “smart basketball”, wearable sensors and court-based sensors that measure players’ performance in real time.

In addition to team-tracking systems, there are also individual technologies available for those looking to improve their shooting accuracy or dribbling skills.

Companies such as WilsonX have developed smart basketballs with sensors that measure shots, distance and misses while Blast Basketball Replay is a motion sensor system that connects to an app and records slow-motion videos with stats that can then be reviewed and shared.

Whether it’s coaches wanting data on player performance or individual players looking to improve their skills, it’s clear that technology is revolutionizing the game of basketball.

From real-time tracking systems in NBA venues to consumer tech geared towards helping individual players, there are now more ways than ever to utilize tech in order maximize performance on the court.

The potential for basketball technology is still being explored and as teams continue experimenting with new tools we can only expect greater advancements in this area, providing coaches and players alike with even more insights into improving their game.

As Ross points out, “There’s a lot of untapped potential, I think we’re just scratching the surface right now.” The future of basketball looks to be an exciting one.

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