How to Change your Birthday on Snapchat and Limit Explained

How to Change your Birthday on Snapchat
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Have you just created your Snapchat profile? Then you need to be accurate while updating your date of birth because Snapchat app doesn’t allow to change birthday year if you are under 18 years old.

So, here’s how to set and edit birthday on Snapchat –

How to Change your Birthday on Snapchat in Just 4 Steps

1. First, open Settings by tapping on gear icon ⚙ in the profile screen.

2. Now, go to Birthday showing under the My Account section.

3. Edit your Birthday to add correct date of birth.

4. Confirm your changes by tapping on Okay button.

Note (💡): Teenagers under 18 years old could not change the Birthday year at all. Users who are over 18 years old can change birthday year for one time only.

Check out this video tutorial on how to change and edit birthday on Snapchat –

Birthday Party Feature

Enabling birthday party feature will allow you to show cake emoji 🍰 right next to your name with a special birthday charm. It will notify your friends about your birthday and you will find some fun surprises too.

Don’t worry, turning on Birthday Party feature will not reveal your age to other snapchatters and changes may take 24hrs to go live.

In brief,

Above was a very quick process of editing your date of birthday on Snapchat works similarly for both iPhone and Android users.

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