How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad: Quick Fixes

How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone iPad

Converting photos to PDFs on your iPhone or iPad can be incredibly useful in a variety of situations. Whether you’re scanning documents for work, sharing photos with friends, or simply organizing your library of images, the ability to quickly and easily convert photos to PDFs can save you a lot of time and hassle.

With the right tools and a few simple steps, you can quickly learn how to convert photos to PDFs on your iPhone or iPad. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process, so you’ll be able to get the most out of your device in no time.

Quick Fix

To start, if you’re on an iPhone, you’ll need to open the Photos app and select the image you’d like to convert. Once you’ve selected the image, tap the Share button in the bottom left corner. This will bring up a menu of sharing options, now tap on Import to Adobe Scan option. Turn off the Auto-Crop when Importing option. Select the “Save as PDF” option and your image will be saved as a PDF file.

You can follow this quick solution on your iPad too to save photos to PDF.

Can I Convert a Photo to PDF on iPhone?

The answer is yes! Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to convert your photos to PDFs on your iPhone. This can come in handy if you want to keep your images safe and secure or if you need to send them to someone in a format that’s more universally accepted.

Although, latest iPhones come with built-in features that let you save photos to PDF format, users still can use third party apps to use more pro features.

There are many apps available that offer this feature, with some of the most popular being Adobe Scan, Scanner Pro, Files App, and Office Lens. Whichever app you choose, the process is fairly simple. All you have to do is open the app, scan your document or photo, and then save it as a PDF.

It’s that easy! So if you’re looking to convert a photo to PDF on your iPhone, you now know how.

Why Convert Pictures into PDFs?

Picture are an important part of life. Whether it is a picture of a loved one, or a picture of a memory, they are important to keep. But why convert pictures into PDFs?

I recently asked myself this question when I had to send an important picture to a friend. I realized that I needed to convert my picture into a PDF so that I could share it with her, and protect it from any kind of editing or manipulation.

PDFs are the most reliable and secure way to share a picture. This is because PDFs are a format that cannot be changed or manipulated in any way. The format also keeps the picture in its original resolution, so that it looks exactly how it did when it was first taken.

Another great reason to convert pictures into PDFs is that it is a relatively simple process. You can easily convert any picture into a PDF with a few clicks of your mouse. Many of the most popular photo editing programs offer this feature. Additionally, most PDF editing programs allow you to rotate the picture, add text, and make other changes to the file. This allows you to customize the picture and make any changes you need to make it look its best.

Finally, converting pictures into PDFs is also important because it allows you to compress the file size. This is especially helpful when you are sending large images or multiple images. You can easily compress the file size of a PDF, so that it takes up less space on your computer or on the internet.

Now, you have many reasons to convert photos to PDF on iPhone :). Let’s check out several methods you can try to save iPhone pictures into PDF format quickly.

How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad: Built-in Options

How to Convert a Photo to PDF on iPhone Using Printer Options?

I recently had a need to convert a photo from my iPhone into a PDF file, but I was having trouble figuring out how to accomplish this. After doing some research, I discovered that there is a feature in Printer Options that allows you to easily convert a photo to a PDF on your iPhone or iPad.

To save a photo as PDF file on iPhone using this feature, you need to follow the below steps

1. First open the photo you would like to convert.

2. Once the photo is open, tap the share icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

3. From the share menu, select “Print.” This will open a new window.

Select Print Option

4. Select the Print Options icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

5. Now, tap outwards using your two fingers on the photo preview to save it in the PDF format.

Save Photo to PDF on iPhone

Once you have done this, you will have successfully converted your photo to a PDF and it will be saved in the location you selected.

The Printer Options feature is a great way to quickly and easily convert a photo to a PDF file on your iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use and will definitely be using this feature in the future.

Save Multiple Photos as PDF on iPhone and iPad using the Files App

As an iPhone or iPad user, you may have wished to save multiple photos as a PDF on your device. It is now easier than ever to do this thanks to the Files App. With just a few steps, you can have your photos converted to PDF format in no time.

To create PDF file of multiple photos on iPhone, follow the below steps –

1. First, open the Files App on your iOS device.

2. Now, tap on three horizontal menu in the top right corner and choose Select option.

3. Select photos you want to convert into PDF.

4. Long press Photos and tap on Quick Actions.

5. Choose Create PDF.

Files App to Save Photo as PDF on iPhone

Once it is finished, you will be able to name the file and select where you want to save it.

Your PDF file is now ready to be transferred to your computer or other connected device. You can do this by tapping the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen and selecting the “Send to a computer” option. You can then select what kind of file transfer you would like to use, such as AirDrop or email.

By using the Files App, you can easily save photos as PDF on your iPhone or iPad. This will allow you to share your photos with others in a more convenient and secure way. You can also store your photos in a PDF format for archiving or printing. So next time you need to save photos as PDF on your iOS device, just remember to use the Files App!

Use the Apple Books App

To use this method to convert iPhone pictures into PDF, you will need to install Apple Books app. Once you have this app on your iPhone or iPad, follow the below steps –

1. First, open the Photos app in your iPhone or iPad.

2. Next, select photos you want to convert to PDF.

3. Tap on the Share icon.

4. Find Apple Books app from the app options and tap on it.

Done, all selected photos will be converted into PDF automatically and will be saved there. You can easily share them with others or can move them to other destination as well.

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In brief, converting photos to PDFs on iPhone and iPad is a simple and easy process. Whether you’re looking to save a single image or multiple images as a single PDF, you now know how to do it. So get out there and start converting!

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