How to Find Out What Website Builder was Used?

How to Find Out What Website Builder was Used

Have you ever wondered what your competition is building their website on? Or when you come across a really innovative and powerful website don’t you want to know what technology stack it was built with?

Learning about the other technologies out there can sometimes help you figure out which one is the best for your business website. Out of all these tech stacks, many developers or designers are eager to know which page builder a particular website used.

So, here I will let you know how to find out what website builder was used to build a website of your competitor.

What are Website Builders – A Brief Introduction

Website builders are tools that allow you to build websites without coding. The tool offers a drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates. It allows you to choose from a variety of website designs, create pages and add content.

There are many website builders out there but not all of them offer the same features. Some offer more sophisticated features like ecommerce integration, site analytics, marketing automation and more while others might be better suited for people who are new to building websites or don’t have any technical expertise.

It is important that you find the right one for your needs so that it becomes easy for you to create a website with no coding knowledge required.

So, if you are curious to know which website builder the page has been built with of your competitor’s website, you should get help of some tools specifically designed to identify websites’ frameworks, technologies, plugins (for wordpress websites), etc.

Tools to Find Out What Website Builder was Used to Build a Website

There are many websites or tools that give you an analysis of the company’s tech stack once you type in the site address.

Below are some of the popular websites you can use to tell what platform a website is built on.

All these are free and don’t require to login or sign up.

BuiltWith (

BuiltWith is a website profiler and business intelligence tool that provides technology usage, adoption and lead generation analysis for digital businesses. It provides information about the technologies that are used on websites.

The site offers detailed insights about the different technologies used on a website, like JavaScript libraries, analytics tools, web server software, etc. It can even help you find out if a specific technology is being used on your competitor’s website.

To use it, simply paste the website URL in the search bar and hit the LookUp button. The tool will come up with all the tech stack of the website including the page builder if they have used any.

w3Techs (

The W3Techs team provides accurate and up-to-date information about server technologies and the tech stack of a website such as operating system, programming language, theme, plugins, or web server.

The company tracks internet usage trends and keeps a close eye on the technology landscape.

To know what website builder is used on your competitor’s website using w3Techs website, go to and click on Sites from the top navigation menu. Enter your website URL and hit the Site Info button.

Done, the website will analyse the website and show you all the technology stack used to build the website.

WhatCMS (

WhatCMS helps businesses or individuals gain more insight about the techs that power any website.

This tool analyzes various aspects of a website, including technologies being used, to provide a detailed report of the findings. In HTML it looks for things like specific tags and common paths to detect used tech stack. Similarly, the website checks each page thousands time for possible footprints to come up with accurate findings.

To detect the used page builder on a website, simply paste the URL in the search bar and hit the Detect CMS button. You can even select other options like Hosting Provider, Wordpress Theme, Shopify Theme.

Done, in just few seconds WhatCMS tool will unreveal all the tech stacks of the website including website builder used to build that particular website.

Tools to Detect Page Builder for Wordpress Websites

If your competitor’s website is built using Wordpress, then WP plugin detecting tools can also help you to find out which page builder the website is built on.

There are so many wordpress website page builder plugins are there which can be detected using below tools easily –

ScanWp (

ScanWp is a web application that scans your WordPress installation and detects installed themes, plugins, hosting, and other technology stacks.

If you have a cool WordPress site, just paste the URL and we’ll give you a breakdown of installed themes, plugins, and other information about the tech stacks.

WpThemeDetector (

WPThemeDetector is a WordPress theme detector that detects the theme of any given WordPress site and returns the name of the detected theme, plugins, and other information about the website.

It is an open source project that helps developers and designers find out the theme of a website by just visiting its homepage.

What you need to do is, just head over to, enter the URL of the website and hit the Experience the Magic of WPTD button.

Done, in seconds you will have all the information about the tech stacks of the website.

SEOMagnifier (

SEO Magnifier offers set of free SEO tool for website owners and marketers. It has around 80 SEO tools like Paraphrasing Tool, Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Backlinks Maker, Keyword Density Checker, and so on.

Using this service users can also check the platform of a wordpress website on which it is built on. For this you need to access its Wordpress Theme and Plugin detector tool here , enter the URL of the website, and hit the Submit button.

Done, the tool will uncover all the details about theme, plugins, hosting, and other information that might help you to understand the structure of the website on which it is built on.

What is Technology Stacks – Definition

Technology stacks are collections of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks that are used to create a website, software, or any mobile application.

These techs are important tools for web developers to make their products easier to maintain and scalable. These are a must-have in modern development cycles.

Technology stack determines which type of apps you can build and what level of customization you can do. It also defines the necessary resources you need to develop an app.

In brief,

These were some of the free ways you can try to detect the website builder used to design the website. Besides it, there may be some other options as well but aboe mentioned are easy to use, fast, and reliable.

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