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How to Make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 (Steps+Formulas)

To create atmosphere, you will need to combine air and planet. Check out this detailed guide on how to make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2 is an immersive game by Recloak that allows players to combine elements and create new ones. Players can combine more than 720 elements, including the planet, uddles, atmosphere, water, energy, zombies, love, humans, robots, and farmers, etc.

It is a match-three puzzle game with a difference. Players are tasked with combining atoms to create new elements in order to make matches and break the alchemical chain of transmutation. This game is perfect for gamers who enjoy match-three games, but also want a break from the usual matching gameplay.

However, as you start with the Little Alchemy 2 game, players need to first consider making several basic elements, such as Air, Fire, Water and Earth. You then progress to combining more complex items, such as Time, Life and the Internet.

Assuming that you have already done with the basic elements and hence I will discuss how to create atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 using basic air and planet elements.

So let’s get started…

What is Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2?

Atmosphere is a very important element in the Little Alchemy 2 game. It is what helps the player create more complex items. The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surrounds our planet and celestial body. The composition varies, but Earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 1% other gases.

In order to make atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2, you will require four basic elements like air, another air, planet, and sky.

How to Make Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2: Step-by-Step

In order to create Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2, you need to infuse Air with Planet > Add Pressure to Another Air > Add Air Pressure to Sky.

Let’s understand it in detail –

Infuse Air with Planet

First step to create atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 is to get the air and infuse it with Planet. Doing this will create pressure.

Formula: Air+Planet = Pressure

Add Pressure to Another Air

The next step involves adding pressure from the previous step to yet another air. This will create the Air Pressure you need to create an atmosphere.

Formula: Pressure+Another Air = Air Pressure

Add Air Pressure to Sky

The final step when it comes to creating the Atmosphere is combining air pressure and Sky elements.

Formula: Air Pressure+Sky = Atmosphere

Why you Should Create Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2?

Below are some benefits you can get by creating Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 –

Help you Create Complexed Elements

The game has lots of different complex elements, like dinosaurs, time, and life. Knowing some of the basic combinations will help you when it comes to create other complecated elements.

Speed Up your Gaming Experience

To win any game, players need to act fast. Hence, knowing the right steps of creating basic elements like Atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 will help you move in the game faster than other competitors. It will also let you create other comlex combinations of elements with ease.

Create other Elements

With Atmosphere element, players can create more than 20 other useful elements mentioned below –

Atmosphere Combined WithCreate
Atmosphere + Air= Pressure
Atmosphere + Atmosphere= Pressure
Atmosphere + Airplane= Rocket
Atmosphere + Car= Rocket
Atmosphere + Boat= Rocket
Atmosphere + Cloud= Sky
Atmosphere + City= Smog
Atmosphere + Electricity= aurora + ozone + storm
Atmosphere + Container= Scuba Tank
Atmosphere + Explosion= Fireworks
Atmosphere + House= Space Station
Atmosphere + Fire= Energy
Atmosphere + Metal= Rocket
Atmosphere + Machine= Rocket
Atmosphere + Meteoroid= Meteor
Atmosphere + Motion= Wind
Atmosphere + Mist= Cloud
Atmosphere + Mouse= Bat
Atmosphere + Steel= Rocket
Atmosphere + Steamboat= Rocket
Atmosphere + Sun= Sky + Auroa
Atmosphere + Umbrella= Parachute
Atmosphere + Train= Rocket
Atmosphere + Village= Space Station
Atmosphere + Water= Cloud
Atmosphere + Wall= Space Station

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Wrapping it up…

Little Alchemy 2 can be a great and fun game if you know how to use combinations to create new elements. With that in mind, I have prepared this guide on how to make atmosphere in Little Alchemy 2 so that you can get going with the game with an ease.


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