How to Make Orange Dye in Minecraft?

How to Make Orange Dye in Minecraft

This article will show you how to make orange dye in Minecraft, what are usages, where to buy and sell orange color dye in Minecraft.

Orange dye is a type of quasi-primary dye in Minecraft. It can be obtained by mixing yellow and red dye or can be crafted from orange tulips.

How to Get Orange Dye in Minecraft: Quick Steps

  1. First, collect certain ingredients like orange dye, yellow dye, orange tulip.
  2. Now, press the E key from the keyboard to open Inventory or Workbench.
  3. Place ingredients into inventory (Ex: Red Dye+Yellow Dye = Orange Dye) or (Orange Tulips = Orange Dye).
Craft Orange Dye
Craft Orange Dye

Orange Dye Command

You can acquire the Orange Dye in Minecraft by writing a command to the Command Block. It will apply on receiving redstone signal.

Through command, you can specify the numbers of orange dye to produce and to whom it would be issued.

Here’s the command you need to type in to the chat –

  1. Press T key to open chat.
  2. Type command /give @p minecraft:orange_dye.
  3. press “ENTER”.

If you need multiple orange dyes, then just specify the numbers you want at the end of the command like this /give @p minecraft:orange_dye 15. It will create 10 orange dyes for you.

In case, if you want to issue the orange dye to a specific user, just type command /give Nickname minecraft:orange_dye (*Nickname will be replaced with the one you want to use).

Buy and Sell Orange Dye in Minecraft

In order to buy or sell an item in Minecraft, you first need to find a player who has the item you want or willing to buy your item. After finding the player, you can either trade with them or use a command block if you have one in your inventory.

Specifically for dyes, Shepherd is the right buyer and Traveling Trader (Wandering Trader) is the seller you can approach to buy orange dye.

What are the Usages of Orange Dye in Minecraft?

One of the most common uses of the orange dye is to color anymals with wool like sheep, cat, wolves, etc. Besides it, below are some other usages of orange color dye –

  • To dye beds, glass, leather armor, terracotta and other items.
  • You can make a firework star or fade-to-fade color effect by mixing orange dye with gunpowder.
  • It helps in patterns of banners.
  • Players can dye shulkers in Bedrock and Education editions.
  • Used to dye contained water of cauldrons.
  • You can creat concrete powder by mixing it with sand and gravel.
  • It can be mixed with compounds to make balloons or glow sticks.

Crafting Orange Ingredients

Mix IngredientsOutput
Latex + Orange Dye + Helium + LeadOrange Balloon
White Bed + Orange DyeOrange Bed
Any Bed + Orange DyeOrange Bed
Candle + Orange DyeOrange Candle
White Carpet + Orange DyeOrange Carpet
Orange Dye + Sand + GravelOrange Concrete Powder
Gunpowder + Orange Dye + Head or
Gold Nugget or
Feather or Fire Charge + Glowstone Dust + Diamond
Orange Firework Star
Polyethylene + Hydrogen Peroxide + Orange Dye +
Orange Glow Stick
Shulker Box or Any Shulker Box + Orange DyeOrange Shulker Box
Glass + Orange DyeOrange Stained Glass
Glass Pane + Orange DyeOrange Stained Glass Pane
Terracotta + Orange DyeOrange Terracotta
White Wool + Orange DyeOrange Wool
Any Wool + Orange DyeOrange Wool
Orange Dye + BannerOrange Banner Pattern
Orange Dye + Banner + Vines or Bricks or Creeper Head or Wither Skeleton Skull or Oxeye Daisy or Enchanted Golden AppleOrange Banner Image

Wrapping it Up

In brief, this was all about Orange Dye Minecraft. Follow the instructions above to make most out of it to enhance your gaming experience.

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