How to Type Degree° Symbol on Mac: All in One Guide

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac

This article will demonstrate a few different techniques on how to type the degree symbol (°) on your Mac OS computer.

So, if you are trying to send an iMessage informing about the latest temperature update in your area using your MacOs, using the degree symbol might be a requirement. If you don’t know how to insert degree symbol on Mac desktop, then below are some quick techniques you can try.

What is the Keyboard Shortcut to Type Degree Symbol on Mac?

Shift + Option + 8: To type degree symbol on mac, press Shift key along with Option+8. It will get you a degree sign like this (85°) right behind the word you are typing.

There are two other Mac keyboard shortcuts people often use to enter a degree-like sign, but they actually have different functions.

Option will type small ring behind the word you are typing = 75˚

Option + 0 will type degree symbol bigger in size comparing to the above one = 75°

Mac Emoji Keyboard to Insert Degree Symbol

Mac Emoji Keyboard would be an another way to type Degree Celsius ℃ or Degree Fahrenheit °F symbol quickly.

You can access its Emoji and Symbols keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Command + Space or simply go to Edit in the top menu and select Emoji & Symbols option.

To type a degree sign,

1. In the search bar, type Degree.

2. It will show you different degree symbols like °C, °F, °, etc. Select your preferred option and done.

Degree Symbol Copy Paste Method

In case, you are unable to execute any of the above method to type degree symbol on Mac computer, then copy and paste method would an alternative technique you can try.

What you need to do is simply Google Degree Symbol, copy and paste the symbol where you want on Mac document or message you are drafting.

How to Type Degree Symbol on MacOs: Video

Check out this quick video to understand how to quickly write degree sign on Mac –

What is Degree Symbol?

The degree symbol (°) is a typographical symbol used to represent a degree or an angle. It is often used in mathematics, physics, engineering, and other scientific fields.

In most fonts, the degree symbol looks like a small superscript circle. This symbol can be used to indicate temperature, angles, and even longitude and latitude.

For example, if you had a temperature of 20°C, this would mean 20 degrees Celsius. The degree symbol can also be used to denote angles in a circle, such as a 45° angle. In this case, it would mean 45 degrees.

Besides, you can also use the degree to indicate longitude and latitude, such as 40° N and 109° W, which indicates the location of Utah in the United States.

The degree symbol is an important typographical tool that is used in a variety of different contexts.

As of now you know how to enter degree sign on Mac, you can easily type any mathematical or scientific formula or word with degree symbol.

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In brief,

This is all about typing degree symbol on MacOs quickly.

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