Hyperfund Login at h5.thehyperverse.net Portal

Hyperfund Login

Here, I will explain the process of Hyperfund Login at h5.thehyperverse.net portalstep-by-step for those who don’t know what it is and how to access their Hyperfund or Hyperverse account.

Note 💡: Hyperfund re-launched with its new name called HyperVerse on 5th December, 2021. Hence, we used the new name to elaborate this topic further.

So, let’s get started…

What is Hyperfund or HyperVerse?

HyperVerse is a metaverse with millions of planets and has been committed to creating an autonomous platform that allows users to trade, play and socialize. HyperVerse, previously known as Hyperfund is a New York based virtual reality platform was founded in January 2016 by Roman Mikhailov and Arsen Avdalyan.

VerseDAO(V-DAO) is HyperVerse’s decentralized autonomous organization that offers a fair chance for players (Voyagers) to connect with friends, create NFTs (non-fungible tokens), experience new cultures and lifestyles, and explore the metaverse.

HyperVerse wants to help bring more digital assets (DeFi, NFTs, and Game-Fi) into the real world and make sure trading activities are regulated within the safe ecosystem.

Now, let’s check out the Hyperfund or Hyperverse login process.

Hyperfund Login Requirements

Before you start with the Hyperfund login steps, make sure you have below things ready with you –

  • Hyperfund login portal URL.
  • Account login credentials.
  • Access to internet and web browser.
  • You need to have PC, Laptop, tablet, or mobile to access the Hyperfund login page online.

Hyperfund (HyperVerse) Login Steps

To sign into your Hyperfund portal, follow the below steps –

1. First, visit the official Hyperfund Login portal at https://h5.thehyperverse.net/#/views/login/login.

2. Select Login option.

Hyperfund Hyperverse Login Page
Hyperfund Hyperverse Login Page

3. Enter your Username and Password.

4. Hit the Login button.

Login to Hyperfund Account

Done, you should now access your HyperVerse account.

For any problem, contact to HyperVerse support team here.

How to Recover Forgotten Hyperfund Login Password?

Have you just forgot your Hyperfund account password? No worries, follow the below steps to recover your password –

1. First, open the Hyperverse Login page here.

2. Go to Login.

3. Click on Forgot your Password link.

4. Enter your Username and Email.

5. Hit the Get Verification Code.

Done, you will get the verification code in your registered email. Check the email and follow the further on-screen follow ups to finish with the password recovery process.

How to Register HyperVerse Account?

In order to create new HyperVerse (HyperFund) account, follow the below steps –

1. First, go to the HyperVerse login page and Click on Register.

2. Next, enter your 8-20 letters long username, password, Referral Code (or your referrer’s username), and hit the Next Step button.

Register Hyperverse Account
Register Hyperverse Account

3. On the next page, enter your email address and hit the Get Verification Code button.

4. Enter the Verification Code you should recieve in your email and hit the Next Step button.

Hyperverse Email Verification Code
Hyperverse Email Verification Code

5. Now, enter your 6 digit Transaction Password and hit the Register Now button.

Hyperverse Transaction Password
Hyperverse Transaction Password

Done, you have successfully registered an account on HyperVerse.

How to Activate Frozen HyperVerse Account?

After 5 incorrect login attempts, your HyperVerse account will be frozen and inactive.

In order to reactivate frozen account, you need to contact the customer service along with your Username. Your account will be re-activated within 1 to 2 business days of successful verification process.

In brief,

This was the complete guide on how to login to HyperFund. If you don’t have an account and thinking to join this VR platform, then make sure you research the company well as I am seeing too many speculations online about the company.

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