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iPledge Login

Here I will explain steps for iPledge login at ipledgeprogram.com portal for any new user and also will show you some troubleshooting tips.

The iPledge program is a secure online platform that allows users to access their confidential medical information, manage their account settings, and access support resources.

For users new to the iPledge program, the login process may seem daunting at first. However, with the help of this guide, you can easily log into your iPledge account in no time.

What is the iPledge?

The iPledge REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) is a comprehensive safety program mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to minimize the risk of fetal exposure from isotretinoin, an acne medication with known teratogenic effects.

It is designed to ensure that the benefits of isotretinoin outweigh its risks, and is particularly important in non-pregnant patients over 12 years of age who suffer from severe recalcitrant nodular acne with multiple inflammatory nodules larger than 5 millimeters in diameter.

The iPledge REMS requires that only enrolled and activated healthcare providers may prescribe isotretinoin, while only enrolled and activated pharmacies are allowed to dispense it.

Patients must be educated on both the risks associated with isotretinoin use as well as contraception requirements that accompany iPledge enrollment for those patients capable of pregnancy.

An additional measure meant to limit access to iPledge is that it is only available through this restricted distribution program regulated by iPledge itself. This helps minimize accidental fetal exposure caused by improper prescribing or dispensing practices.

All measures taken under iPledge are monitored closely using a unique patient ID number assigned at enrollment in iPledge-certified pharmacies throughout the United States, allowing for more efficient tracking of patients’ compliance with iPledge guidelines.

This complex system serves as a powerful tool to ensure that all participants are aware of the inherent risks associated with isotretinoin use, while providing physicians and pharmacists alike with a reliable way to help manage these risks on an individual basis.

Through iPledge’s careful oversight, medical professionals can make informed decisions regarding treatment plans for their patients while protecting against potential adverse effects like birth defects or other complications due to incorrect usage or improper storage or handling of medications like isotretinoin.

The program is designed to serve as a secure, confidential resource where users can safely access their medical information. Through the iPledge login portal, users can also set up their login credentials, view their account settings, access support resources, and more.

iPledge allows users to easily access their medical records and share them with their healthcare providers, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date information available.

Additionally, the iPledge program provides users with the ability to set up reminders for upcoming appointments and medication refills, helping them stay on top of their health care needs.

iPledge Login Requirements

The login process for the iPledge program is simple and straightforward. First, you will need to register a new account. Once your account is registered, you can then access your personal information and manage your account settings. To log into your iPledge account, you will need –

  • Official iPledge login URL.
  • Devices like mobile, laptop, or desktop.
  • Access to high speed internet.
  • Updated web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Registering for a New Account

If you are new to the iPledge program, you will need to register for a new account before you can log in.

Follow the steps below –

1. First, visit the iPledge website at ipledgeprogram.com.

2. Next, click on “Enroll | Login” button in the top right corner of the website.

3. Select the user type Prescriber, Pharmacy, Dsignee, or Patient.

4. If you are a prescriber, then you need to provide your NPI Number, pharmacies need to provide their NCPDP Number.

5. Hit the Continue button and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the registration process.

Enroll iPledge Account
Enroll iPledge Account

Note: NPI is considered as Username for prescribers and NCPDP number is considered as Username for pharmacy staff to login into their account. For Designee and Patient, their iPledge REMS ID would be their username.

Once you have created your username and password, you will be able to log in to your account and begin using the iPledge program. You will be able to access all of the features and benefits of the program, including the ability to track your progress and set goals.

iPledge Login Steps

Once you have established your login credentials, you can log into your account.

Follow the below steps to sign into iPledge account online –

1. First, visit iPledge homepage at ipledgeprogram.com.

2. Click on Enroll | Login button seeing in the top right corner of the homepage.

3. Enter your Login username or Email ID.

4. Hit the Login button and follow the further prompts showing on the screen.

iPledge Login Page
iPledge Login Page

Done, you can now access your dashboard where you will have all the information and features according to the type of account you have created.

How to Update to iPledge REMS New Website?

It seems that iPledge has updated their website and all existing iPledge users are requested to update their account to new website.

For this, users need to simply visit ipledgeprogram.com, on the homepage users will find a section entitled as “Important iPLEDGE REMS Update”, click on the link and an Update Account prompt will open.

Update iPledge Account Online
Update iPledge Account Online

Select the type of you account you have, enter your login details and hit the Continue button.

Follow the next prompts you will see on screen to update an account for the new iPledge website.

iPledge Support Team Contact Details

If you are facing issues while enrolling for an account on iPledge portal, consider contacting them by dialing 1-866-495-0654 during the business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET).

Troubleshooting Tips for Prescribers – Here

Troubleshooting Tips for Pharmacies – Here

Troubleshooting Tips for Designees – Here

Troubleshooting Tips for Patients – Here

Disclaimer: These PDFs have been downloaded from the ipledgeprogram.com website and therefore information it contains is accurate.

FAQs about iPledge Portal

What is iPledge Date of Personal Significance?

As part of the iPledge process, an individual must set a Date of Personal Significance (DPS). This date will serve as a way to verify the identity of iPledge Program users. The date should be easy to remember and can be any date that has personal significance to the individual.

Can I Access iPledge Account with no Email/Date of Personal Significance?

No, in order to access iPledge account without your email or date of personal significance, users are requested to contact the iPLEDGE REMS Contact Center for assistance.

How do I Update my Information on iPledge Website?

In order to update your personal information on iPledge website, first you need to login into your account, go to My Profile menu option, click on pencil icon. Now you can update your contact information like NIP or NCPDP number, name, license, phone number, fax number, email, etc.

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Wrapping It Up

If you are having difficulty logging in, please make sure you are entering the correct username and password. If you are still having trouble, please contact iPledge customer support for further assistance.

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