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Wondering how to access MyCSULB login page to access your information related to the California State University Long Beach? No worries, this CSULB OCTA login guide will help students, faculties, and staff to sign into their MySCULB account.

So, let’s get started…

What is the MyCSULB?

The MyCSULB is a login portal that provides access to information about the California State University Long Beach. It offers students, faculty, and staff with a variety of services and resources.

It has tools such as the Student Dashboard which allows users to view their academic progress, class schedules, and current courses they are enrolled in.

The MyCSULB portal also provides access to important university services such as registration for classes, degree planning and graduation requirements among others.

MyCSULB Login Requirements

Below are the things you need in order to get into MyCSULB portal –

  • Official MyCSULB login portal URL.
  • Your valid login details.
  • Phone, PC, or laptop.
  • Access to internet.

How to Login to MyCSULB Portal?

The MyCSULB login process is a straightforward one. Below are the steps to sign in to your csulb portal –

mycsulb login page
mycsulb login page
  1. First, visit the official MyCSULB login portal at
  2. Enter your Email, Phone, or Skype ID.
  3. Hit the Next button.
  4. Provide you Password and hit the Login button.

Done, now you should access your MyCSULB account on your desktop or mobile browser.

Can’t Access Your MyCSULB Account?

If you are facing issue in accessing MyCSULB portal, then first try below basic solutions –

  • Try refreshing your browser.
  • Check login details again associated with your CSULB account.
  • Try logging in through a different device.

If none of the above work for you, then open MyCSULB login portal at and click on Can’t Access your Account option.

Next, choose your account type (Work or School Account) or Personal Account.

For example, I have a school account created by the IT team of the school and hence I will choose Work or School Account option.

On the next page, you will be asked to provide your email or username. Provide it, fill in the captcha, and hit the Next button.

Done, follow the further on-screen instructions and you will be done resetting your MyCSULB account.

The steps would work similarly for the Personal Accounts.

MyCSULB Login Help Desk

Below are the contact details you can use to contact respected support team to solve your problems related to the MyCSULB portal.

Contact info –

Phone: (562) 985-4959


Login Portal:

How New Students can Use MyCSULB Portal: Complete Process

If you have just got admitted to CSULB and don’t know how to use MyCSULB login portal, then below are the steps you need to follow –

1. Activate your CSULB Account

To get access to the digital material and services offered by the CSULB, each student need to have an activated account. For this, school provides a personalised CSULB email address to each student through which they communicate with each other.

Once you got the offer of admission, what you need to do is go to and set up a new password for your account. Make sure you got your mobile phone with you because students might receive a call or text varification for security purpose.

2. Agree to your Letter of Admission

Next step is to accept letter of admission. By accepting your admission letter, you are confirming that you have agreed to follow the rules of CSULB. Students can accept their letter of admission on CSULB Single Sign-On portal at

Next, navigate to the Student Center (MyCSULB) option > Admissions > Accept/Decline.

If you accept the letter of admission, you need to pay an enrollment deposit which is considered as the acceptance fee. Later, you will get a confirmation of acceptance and need to pay fees if you are selected.

3. Go Through the Immunization Requirements

All students must go through a brief immunization process before they are allowed to register for classes. For any type of pandemic – a sudden outbreak of illness, epidemic, or otherwise – you are required to provide proof that you have received your vaccines in order to register.

For COVID 19, visit to submit your certification.

4. Placement Exams if Required

To help determine how well a student is suited for a particular course, there might be placement exams. This is because the school wants them to know which type of course they fit in. For example, let’s say a student has claimed that English 1112 is their recommended course then, they will likely be required to take an English placement exam before the registration and advising date.

5. Review Cost and Financial Aid Offers

Review important information about the different sources of financial aids your school will provide like grants, scholarships, and other types of financial support that come with free money!

For more information about what financial aids can be provided from school to newly admitted undergratuate students, visit Financial Aid for Newly Admitted Undergraduates .

6. Walk In for Registration, Advising, and Orientation Process

It’s important to make yourself available for advising and orientation. Visit CSULB’s official guide here to get all the information about orientation, advising, and how to sign up for the program.

7. Provide Documents

Another important step that should be taken if you are admitted to CSULB is to submit official transcripts. The University needs this information in order to verify your high school documents and confirm your place at California State University Long Beach.

8. Access MyCSULB Portal

Now that you’re a student at CSULB, you have access to even more resources at the school’s online MyCSULB login portal. For example, the school has various guides and tutorials made by professionals for students learning all sorts of different things, as well as a library of online courses.

CSULB offers a mobile app to help make your college experience that much easier. It has features like keeping track of schedules, contact management or support team to resolve your queries.

Wrapping Up…

This was all about MyCSULB login for students, teachers, faculties. For any queries related to it, contact your school’s IT department.

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