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MyCVSHR is a MyCVSHR login portal allows current or former employees of CVS health or pharmacy to access their official account.

This MY CVS HR portal is developed by CVS pharmacy to build a strong relationship between HR department and employees. This is why, it’s essential for both current employees and esteemed alumni of CVS Health to be well-informed about the MyCVSHR website, as it offers valuable resources and support.

So, let’s get started with My HR CVS login process in detail –

What is MyCVSHR?

MyCVSHR is a CVS health employee login portal helps existing and former employees to view personal information such as working hours, work schedules, paystubs, and much more.

Embracing a full-time job comes with the opportunity to engage in diverse and fulfilling responsibilities. Time-management is of paramount importance in this case.

Web-based services like MyCVSHR can make your job easier. A lot of CVS personnel take advantage of this to increase efficiency.

MyHR CVS Login Requirements

Users will need to meet certain criteria to gain access to the MyHR CVS portal.

Accessing the MyHR CVS Login website requires:

  • Official URL of the CVS MYHR portal.
  • An internet browser.
  • A laptop, computer, or smartphone with a dependable connection to the internet.
  • A valid User ID and Password for the MyHR CVS Login.

How to Register for MyHR CVS Account?

Creating an account with MyHR CVS is essential for CVS employees. Here, they can register and begin the process of accessing the online system to manage their HR related information.

The MyHR Corp. has created an employee history database that can be accessed online through MyCVShr. This website has been developed to provide employers with an uncomplicated method of obtaining data on their personnel and supervising their operations.

All employees’ data can be securely shared via a website that this system provides.

Below are the exact steps you need to follow to sign up your MYHR CVS account online –

Step 1 – First, go to the official MyHRCVS login portal at

Step 2 – Next, click on the New User link.

Register myhrcvs Account
Register myhrcvs Account

Step 3 – Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).

Step 4 – Press the Continue button after inputting your birth date.

Enter CVS Health 4 Digits SSN

Step 5 – Next, you’ll need to choose a unique username and a pin number on the following page.

Step 6 – Finally, submit the given information.

Done, following above steps any CVS employee can create new account for them.

MyCVSHR Login Steps

The procedure to gain access to the MyHR CVS Employee Account is listed below step-by-step.

Step 1 – First, visit the MyCVSHR login page at

Step 2 – Next, it will show you two login options.

As a valued CVS Health employee, simply click the Log On button located just below the “Current CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues” option.

If you are a former employee, kindly enter your User ID and Password clicking the Log On button to effortlessly access your account.

MyHR CVS Health Login Page
MyHR CVS Health Login Page

Step 3 – Current employee will be navigated to the CVS Health Enterprise login page. Just input your Username and Password in the designated field for an effortless sign-in process.

Step 4 – Subsequently, press the Login button.

CVS Health Enterprise Login Form
CVS Health Enterprise Login Form

Step 5 – Wait for the User id and password to be verified.

Great! Once your credentials are verified, you’ll be led to your MyCVSHR account. From there, you can begin managing your account with ease and convenience.

How to Reset Your MyHR CVS Login Password

Step 1 – To proceed, click on the “Forgot User ID or Password?” link, as indicated in the picture above.

Step 2 – Afterward, type in the final four numbers of your Social Security Number and your Date of Birth.

Step 3 – Next, simply click the “continue” button to proceed further.

Step 4 – Follow the directions to reset your password.

Retail Store & Minute Clinic Colleagues are kindly advised to visit to effortlessly reset their account password.

Corporate Retail & PBM Colleagues are encouraged to visit for a hassle-free account password reset.

Health Care Business (HCB) Colleagues should head over to for a smooth account password reset experience.

What are the Key Features of MyHR CVS?

  • Employees at CVS Pharmacy are able to view their pay-checks.
  • Individuals can benefit from an identity theft security program, which offers protection against unauthorized access and ensures the safety of their personal information.
  • It is possible to schedule and manage work details.
  • 401K plans can be accessed.
  • Educational assistance and home/auto insurance details are available.
  • Furthermore, advantages and life insurance details can be checked.
  • Tax information can be accessed by employees.
  • Shipping benefits are also included.
  • Free smoking cessation programs.
  • The CVS Health Discount Center is open to employees.
  • Employee discounts are offered.
  • Employee stock option details can be accessed.

What are the Advantages of using MyCVSHR Portal?

MyCVSHR offers plenty of advantages. Briefly, individuals can track the evolution of their position, both if they are new or seasoned employees.

Below are the benefits of My CVS HR Portal –

Gain access to Exclusive Discounts for Employees

Those employed at CVS can receive reduced prices on medical expenses. There are vouchers available from the ID that can be used to purchase items.

Upon logging in, individuals can view the exclusive offers available. Individuals with medical requirements can take advantage of these opportunities.

The ability to find affordable medications is something everyone desires. Utilizing discounts can make a significant difference if implemented regularly.

Information on Workers

Employee data can be referred to as information on workers.

The safety of your personal data is a priority. MyCVSHR provides a secure platform for employees to store their information with numerous tabs to customize your data. You are able to edit your details as necessary.


MyCVSHR portal provides professional assistance to employees. From adoption to education, the site helps workers in a variety of ways.

It allows you to know your tasks which need to be accomplished on time and timely delivery of work will have a direct effect on your pay.

The platform assists users in managing their taxes, insurance policies, and health care needs. It ensures that all the necessary elements are being tracked.

MyCVSHR provides a variety of advantages and we strongly encourage you to make use of them. As a full-time employee, you could reap many rewards from this platform, so why not give it a try today and enjoy the full protection it could offer?

Experiencing Difficulties with MyCVSHR?

It is possible for glitches to occur with the website at any time of the day. Modifications are always being implemented to the platform.

Due to scheduled maintenance, you might encounter issues while accessing the website. In such cases, the only option is to wait until the website becomes operational again. Please note that this might take a considerable amount of time.

It is advisable to give MyCVSHR a go the following day.

How to Reach MyHR CVS Customer Support?

The contact information for MyHR CVS is available for those who need it.

  • Connect with the Human Resources Department: 888-694-7287 (888-MY-HR-CVS)
  • For MyHR CVS inquiries: call +1 312-291-5999 (Monday to Friday – 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Myhr CVS

What is the Identification I Need to Access MyHR CVS?

The MyHR CVS Portal gives each Employee their own special User ID. This ID distinguishes you from all other users and let you utilize the MyHR CVS Portal and MyHR Service Center to access your benefits information.

What is the Login Credential for MyHR CVS?

When registering for an account on the MyHR CVS Portal, you will be prompted to select a password. To gain access to your Account, you must enter your User ID along with the Password you selected. Your enter Password for the MyHR CVS Login in either upper or lower case.

It is essential to keep your Password safe from any unauthorized use, thus it is essential that you never reveal it to anyone. This will protect your Account from any unauthorized access.

If you discover that your account has been compromised by an unauthorized individual, it is crucial to change your password immediately and notify CVS Health or the MyHR Service Center without delay. This will help protect your personal information and prevent further unauthorized access.

What is the Purpose of a Password Hint?

When creating your MyHR CVS Login Password, you are given the ability to create a hint that can help you to recollect it. This is known as a Password Hint.

When you need to remember your Password, the Password Hint will be visible on the screen.

If cannot recall your Password Hint, it is necessary to carry out a reset of your Forgot Password on the MyHR CVS Portal.

What is the Purpose of Security Questions and Answers?

Once a user has established an account in the MyHR CVS Portal, they can configure security questions and responses. It helps to reset the password in case they forgot. This process provides a secure and hassle-free method for regaining account access.

Once you have successfully responded to the security questions, you can instantly sign in to the MyHR CVS Portal with your account.

If you haven’t set up security questions and are unable to recall your password, don’t worry! Reach out to the to your IT department for assistance, and they’ll gladly help you regain access to your MyHR CVS account.

Those with an Email Address registered in MyHR CVS will get their Password electronically, whereas those without will have to wait to receive it in their mailbox.

How do I Check my CVS Paycheck Online?

Accessing your CVS paycheck online is easy and convenient through the CVS employee portal, also known as the “myCVSHR” portal. All you need is your employee ID and password, which CVS should have provided to you. After logging in, you’ll have access to your pay stubs and other valuable employment information. If you encounter any difficulties accessing the portal or require assistance with your login credentials, feel free to reach out to your friendly CVS HR representative, who will be more than happy to help you.

How to do I Check my CVS Timesheet?

Accessing your timesheet or work hours at CVS is a breeze through the user-friendly CVS employee portal, known as the “myCVSHR” portal. Once logged in, you’ll be able to effortlessly view your working hours, wages, payment status, and much more, keeping you informed and organized throughout your CVS employment journey.

Wrapping it up…

In summary, this covers the essentials of MYCVSHR employee login at

If you happen to experience any challenges or require assistance, feel free to reach out to your friendly administrator or the helpful technical department at CVS Pharmacy. They’re always ready to support you and ensure a smooth experience.

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