Plenty of Fish Search without Registering – POF Search Update

Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering

Plenty of Fish search without registering, is it possible in 2022? No, POF has terminated the search facility and preventing users from browsing Plenty of Fish without signing up.

With more than 5M+ downloads and a lovely 3.7 rating on Play Store, Plenty of Fish, a Canada-based dating site is making its place in people’s hearts. The app helps you find local singles in your area with whom you can match, connect and take things forward in your romantic life.

Plenty of Fish (POF), has many exciting features, and it is claimed that most of these are free-to-use features. These features include unique icebreakers so you can ease into conversations, a Live stream feature, and, obviously, the chat option.

Here, I will discuss how to browse Plenty of Fish without joining and is it still available to users or not.

POF Search Update: Due to privacy reasons, Plenty of Fish has removed the feature to do username search without registration on

If you want to learn how to search Plenty of Fish without registering, I’m here with this article to help you out.

Let’s Begin!

Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering: Old Methods

POF Basic Search

Follow the steps given below to do a search for POF account users privately on the basic level – 

POF Basic Search
POF Basic Search

Step:1 Visit the official website of Plenty of Fish in the browser of your choice. 

Step:2 Next, on the landing pageclick on the search option on your screen beside the Meet Me option. 

Step:3 Now, you will be directed to a Basic Search page. On this page, you would be required to add personal details (location, gender, age, etc.); do the needful.

Step:4 Once done entering your information, click on Go Fishing!

Amazing! Following these 4 easy steps, You can now run a basic POF search for potential matches in your vicinity without registering on the Plenty of Fish platform.

POF Advance Search

Below given are the steps for you to follow if you want to do a POF search for free without registration on an advanced level –

Plenty of Fish Advanced Search
Plenty of Fish Advanced Search

Step:1 Open the official Plenty of Fish website  on your preferred web browser. 

Step:2 Then, click the search option on the taskbar top of your screen. 

Step:3 You will, by default, be moved to the basic search page. Click on the Advance Search option, beside the primary search option.

Step:4 You will be given a detailed form to fill up. Enter the necessary information (gender, what you seek, age preference, etc.) in the respective fields. 

Step:5 Click on Go Fishing! after filling up the long list of questions regarding your preferences. 

Vola! You have now learned how to do Plenty of Fish searches through the Advance Search method to find more accurate and compatible matches. 

Plenty of Fish Username Search 

Refer to the steps given below if you wish to do a username search on the POF platform –

POF Username Search
POF Username Search

Step:1 First, type to visit the official Plenty of Fish web portal in your web browser. 

Step:2 Then, on the landing page, select the search option besides the Meet Me option to move forward. 

Step:3 Here, click on the Username option beside the advance search option. 

Step:4 You will encounter a search bar appearing on your screen. Type in the Username you wish to search in the search box. 

Step:5 Once you have entered the username in the search box, click on Find User to get results for the person you are searching for.  

Congrats! Now you know how to browse for usernames on POF without signing up on the website. Make sure you are precise with the username search to get accurate results.

Reasons to Browse on POF without Signing Up

There are several reasons to search on Plenty of Fish (POF) without signing up officially. The most important reason is you stay anonymous while going through POF account users. Please refer to rest below.

Following are the reasons to search on Plenty of Fish (POF) without Registering –

  1. Your identity is kept private.
  2. If you are new, you can use this method as a trial to see if the whole thing suits you, before signing up for an account on the POF website.
  3. You can check if someone you know has signed up on Plenty of Fish. 
  4. Plenty of methods to search from Basic, Advanced and Username search.
  5. Check if your spouse is cheating on you.

Why is it Different from Signing Up?

If you are wondering, Why the incognito search method is different from the signing up method, here’s why – 

When you sign-up for your POF account, you are giving out all the personal details to the website, including your full name, age, date of birth, where you live, etc. You have to disclose your private details; nothing stays private.

The upgraded Plenty of Fish members will even get an email regarding your interest in them if you visit their profile often.

On the other hand, without registering on POF, you can browse usernames and do an advanced and basic search without the third person knowing. You can even check if a person close to you is on the POF app. All these activities stay unrecorded on the front end of the website; your identity stays anonymous. 

FAQs on POF Search

How to Know if Someone has Plenty of Fish Account?

To know someone has a POF account, you need to run an account search of their name. To do so:

Visit the official Plenty of Fish page at
Click on the search beside the Meet Up option.
Click on Username search.
Enter the name you wish to search in the search box; you will be able to find them.

Try to enter the account name, as the user profile may slightly differ from their real name. 

How to Delete My Plenty of Fish Account?

If you wish to delete your Plenty of Fish account, visit  page Login to your POF account by entering the username and password to the account you wish to delete. Choose the reason for deleting your account and click on enter. You have successfully deleted your POF account.

Why Can’t I Search on Plenty of Fish?

Unfortunately, Plenty of Fish has removed the option to search for profiles without registering on their website as an initiative to improve user privacy. If you wish to search someone’s profile on POF, you are always welcome to sign up on their official website

What Can you do with a Registered Plenty of Fish Profile?

With a registered Plenty of Fish account, you get a free user membership; you can send messages, do live streaming and go about your day, use the Meet Me option, upload several photos, enter information about yourself for people to get to know you better, and connect with people who are compatible with your personality right in your city.

Wrapping it Up

Great! Now you know how to search POF without registering using the essential, advanced and username search method.

Remember that you must be a registered POF user to approach/ send messages to other POF accounts. So, if you are hesitant regarding your decision to date or not, this article has all the essential points you should be aware of regarding private POF searches.

But sadly, due to its privacy update, the incognito search method has been removed from the Plenty of Fish website.

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