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RTasks Login

Check out how to access RTasks login page at RTasks.net step-by-step on desktop. If you are accessing RTasks web portal for the first time, then you may find some difficulties while signing to RTasks.net login page. No worries, I will help you out and explain the complete login process in detail.

So, let’s get started…

RTasks by ResidexSoftware is an easy to use web-based EHR software for assisted living establishments, home health care centers, adult day centers, and nurses. It makes the management of medications and your service commitments very easy and hassle free.

Whether you’re a large multi-campus enterprise or a small 4-bed family home, RTasks can offer you the best solution to make work at your organization as effective and efficient as possible. RTasks software offer multiple solutions to their customers such as Assessments to Incidents, ECharting, EMAR, Housing and Activity management, Billing, Accounts Receivable,

So, if you have just started using RTasks portal for the first time and don’t know how sign up and access your account, then this guide will surely help you out.

How to Setting Up RTasks Account for the First Time?

In order to create or sign up for RTasks account, employees need to contact their organization’s administrator.

ResidexSoftware support team can only help you out by explaining the login process but cannot help you with changing your permissions, or reset your password as it should be done by your supervisor for security reasons.

On your new account request, an administrator will send a link to your email through which you can create your account or may provide you username and a one time temporary password.

To login and setting up your RTasks account for the first time –

1. First, go to RTasks.net portal and provide your Username and One Time Password.

2. Next, a pop-up will open asking to create a new password.

3. Write down your new password.

4. Provide your phone number which will be used to reset the password in case you forgot in the future. It is an optional field.

5. Hit the Submit button.

Set 8 Characters Long RTasks Password
Set 8 Characters Long RTasks Password

Done, you are all set to start using your RTasks account.

Login Requirements to Access RTasks Portal

In order to login to RTasks.net portal, you need to fulfill below requirements –

  • You should have an official RTasks software login page URL.
  • Active account credentials (Username and Password).
  • You should have access to web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Devices like computer, laptop or mobile are required.
  • Consistent internet connection.

RTasks Login Steps

Follow the exact below steps to get into your RTasks account –

1. First, visit the RTasks login page at RTasks.net in your web browser.

2. Enter your valid Username and Password.

3. Hit the Sign In button.

RTasks Login Page
RTasks Login Page

Done, you should now access your account and edit your profile and other stuff.

How to Reset Password?

Forgot the password of your RTasks account? No worries, below are the steps you need to follow to reset it –

1. First, go to rtasks.net page.

2. Click on Can’t Access your Account option.

Can't Access your RTasks Account
Can’t Access your RTasks Account

3. Enter your Username

4. Hit the Submit button.

Reset you RTasks Password
Reset you RTasks Password

Follow the further on-screen instructions to complete the password resetting process.

Note: Only users with a backup phone number can change or reset account password. RTasks Account holders without a backup phone number need to contact an administrator. Any user can add a RTasks backup phone number anytime.

RTasks 2FA or MFA Set Up

Want to make your RTasks login even more secure? Enabling 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) or MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for your account will do the job. With 2FA or MFA enabled, one cannot access your account even though he/she has your password as it still required access to your email and phone number.

Here’s how to enable 2FA or MFA for your RTasks account –

1. First, login in to your RTasks account.

2. Click on your Name showing in the top right corner.

3. Click on Settings.

4. Got to Account Security section and select Set Up 2-Step Verification option.

5. Review the details and enter your password.

6. Hit the Save button.

How to Login to RTasks Account with 2-Step Verification?

Once you done with the 2FA or MFA set up, use some other device you never used to sign in to your RTasks account. Now, try to login into your account and you will be asked to enter 2-step verification code which will be sent to an email associated with your RTasks account.

Enter the code into the box and hit the Verify button.

If you willing to use this device to access your RTasks account frequently, then make sure you check the box asking Don’t ask for codes again on this device before you hit the Verify button.

RTasks Contact Information

Are you willing to contact RTasks customer care team? Below are the contact details you can use –

  • Email: Support@residexsoftware.com
  • Phone No: 866-512-8369 X 2
  • Fax: 612-284-1315
  • Official Login Page: www.RTasks.net
  • Official Website: residexsoftware.com

Things to Consider to Keep your RTasks account HIPAA Compliant

RTasks is a solution made for all healthcare professionals and designed to manage sensitive information and data securely. Hence, to keep your account HIPAA compliant, your access to information will be limited based on your role and you will have to take care of the security regarding confidential and vulnerable data accessing through your RTasks account.

Below are some key points you need to consider to keep your account secure –

  • Don’t share your RTasks account credentials with others.
  • Never try to logging into someone else’s account.
  • Ignore to save your RTasks login details on any shared devices.
  • Do not use the same RTasks password you use for other accounts.


In brief, this was all about you should be aware of while logging into your RTasks account online using your computer or laptop. If you are facing any technical issues, get in touch with their customer support team or contact to your administrator.

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