UKG Pro: HR Software That Puts People First


Are you looking for an HR software solution that puts people first? Look no further than UKG Pro! This comprehensive Human Resources software provides a secure and user-friendly platform to streamline your business operations. It offers automated processes, extensive tools, and data protection protocols to ensure accuracy and privacy.

Compared to other HR software solutions on the market, UKG Pro stands out with its competitive pricing plans and selection of features tailored to meet specific business needs. Whether you’re a small or large business owner, UKG Pro is the perfect choice for all your HR needs.

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Overview of UKG Pro Software

UKG Pro is a comprehensive suite of HR, payroll and workforce management solutions that puts people first. It combines powerful technology with robust payroll functionality to provide an exceptional partnership between employers and employees.

This software enables organizations to go beyond traditional HCM needs by providing innovative tools that consider the entire individual, their preferences, and aspirations both in and outside of work.

UKGPro software also provides powerful people analytics that can help reach remarkable business outcomes. It uses AI-powered scheduling recommendations to guide people managers toward better decisions and provide life-work flexibility for employees.

UKG Pro is powered by the historic merger of Ultipro and Kronos, which created one of the world’s leading HCM cloud companies. As a result, it is trusted by 75,000+ organizations across every industry in the world.

The software has received several awards over the years for its workplace culture, innovative practices, and its commitment to customer success. It is considered to be the only enterprise vendor ranked as a leader by all major analysts and peer review sites.

Overall, UKG Pro is an excellent choice for organizations looking to transform their HR, payroll, and workforce management strategies.

Benefits of using UKG Pro Software

Below are some of the major benefits of using UKGPro for HR teams and employees –

Automated Processes

UKG Pro provides automated processes that can help organizations streamline their HR operations. It automates tedious paperwork, such as onboarding and employee data management, to free up time and resources.

By eliminating manual tasks, organizations can achieve greater efficiency while making sure employees have access to the information they need quickly and securely.

Extensive Tools

UKG Pro offers a wide range of tools to help businesses manage their people needs. This includes recruitment tools, employee self-service portals, performance management systems, payroll processing capabilities, and much more.

These features put UKG Pro ahead of other HR software solutions on the market by providing customizable options for businesses of all sizes.

Data Protection Protocols

UKG Pro takes data security seriously with built in protocols to protect employee information from unauthorized access or manipulation. It also offers advanced analytics capabilities that allow users to gain valuable insights into their workforce’s performance without compromising employee privacy or confidential information.

Competitive Pricing Plans

UKG Pro provides competitive pricing plans to fit every budget and business size. With its subscription based plans, businesses can pay only for the features they need while still having access to their full suite of HR tools and services.

Award Winning Platform

UKG Pro has been recognized numerous times for its workplace culture initiatives and innovative practices. It is considered one of the best enterprise vendors on the market with awards from analysts like Gartner and peer review sites such as TrustRadius.

These accolades demonstrate UKG’s commitment to customer success while offering a powerful platform for companies looking to transform their HR management strategies.

Features of UKG Pro Software

UKG Pro offers a suite of features to help businesses efficiently manage their HR requirements.

These features include –

  • AI-Powered Scheduling Recommendations
  • Employee Onboarding Tools
  • Employee Self Service Portals
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Flexible Payroll Processing Capabilities
  • Secure Data Protection Protocols
  • Cloud Based Platform for Easy Accessibility

These powerful tools allow organizations to get the most out of UKG Pro and its capabilities, making it an excellent choice for transforming HR management strategies. The software is also easily integrated with other systems such as payroll, time tracking, and recruitment software, providing even more value for organizations looking to streamline their processes across multiple departments.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, UKG Pro is an excellent choice for HR software that puts people first. With its extensive range of features and services, as well as the security and privacy protections it offers, UKG Pro helps your business operate at peak efficiency. With UKG Pro, you can trust that your HR processes are organized and running smoothly.

Choose UKG Pro for an all-inclusive HR software solution tailored to meet your unique business needs! Make the most of its advanced features and services to ensure your employees are taken care of and your business is operating efficiently.

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