Vonage Business Login at my.vonagebusiness.com

My Vonage Business Login

This article will help you with the Vonage Business Login steps to sign in to your account so that you can get started with sending texts and making calls.

The first step is to head over to my.vonagebusiness.com and enter your username and password in the fields provided. Click on “Sign In” button and you are good to go!

Let’s get into more details…

What is Vonage Business?

Vonage Business is a VoIP phone service provider that offers the tools you need to manage your business. It has all of the features of an enterprise VoIP phone system without any of the constraints.

The Vonage Business Phone System offers a cloud-based platform that allows for easily integrating it into your existing business infrastructure. It is a scalable phone system, which means it can grow with your business and expand as you do.

Vonage was founded by Alan Masarek in 2001 as a leading telecommunications service provider for the residential market in Holmdel Township, New Jersey. With time, Vonage Business got revamped and started focusing on smaller businesses too. It became one of the best VoIP service providers in the world, with a flexible communication platform that can be accessed anywhere.

The company has multiple products to offers including Contact Centers, Unified Communications, Communication APIs, etc. As per the size of your business or requirement, you can select from a range of products that suit any need you may have. Above all, all products are flexible to customize according to your requirements.

Vonage Business has around 10,000 and more clients across various industries with about 2,200 employees in different countries.

Update: VB seems have redirected vonagebusiness.com to www.vonage.com.

So, let’s check out how to sign in to VB account using this new Vonage Business portal.

My Vonage Business Login Steps

If you have just started using Vonage Business services and don’t know how to log in to your business admin account, then follow the below exact steps –

1. First, visit Vonage Business login portal at my.vonagebusiness.com.

2. Next, enter your Username and Password.

3. Hit the Sign In button.

My Vonage Business Login Page
My Vonage Business Login Page

Done, you have successfully logged into your My Vonage Business account and now able to access different features.

In case you forgot your password, then just click on “Forgot your password?” link and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your account password.

Below are some of the login URLs for different Vonage Business products –

  • Vonage Communications APIs Login – https://ui.idp.vonage.com/ui/auth/login
  • Vonage Video API Login – https://id.tokbox.com/login
  • Vonage Business Communications Portal Login – https://app.vonage.com/login
  • Vonage Enterprise Portal Login – https://enterpriseportal.vonage.com/ci/index.php/login/signin
  • MyVoice Portal Login – https://myvoice-1b.vonage.com/Login/
  • Call Recording Portal Login – https://recordings.vonage.com/CallRecorder/account/login
  • Jumper.ai Login – https://jumper.ai/s/login

How to Register for Vonage Business Account?

Vonage Business doesn’t have any sign up option on the website and hence admin or supervisor should contact the company with their requirements.

They will help you to create an account, also guide you on how to manage it, what features you can use, and what settings you can edit.

Below are the contact details to approach Vonage Business customer care support –

  • Toll free number – 1-844-365-9460
  • Contact Form – https://www.vonage.com/contact-us/
  • Chat Support – Visit the website and access live chat support by clicking on the chat option from the right bottom side. Agent will verify your identity by asking few questions and assist you accordingly.

Vonage Business Login not Working: Here’s What You Can Do

If you are having trouble logging in to your Vonage Business account, you may have encountered due to a number of reasons and it is important to know what you can do in such a scenario.

  1. You should double check your username or password.
  2. Try loging into your account using different device.
  3. In case, your Vonage Business account has been disabled then do contact to the support team to reactivate it again.
  4. If no Vonage services work, then try to reboot your Vonage adapter.

FAQs on Vonage Business

How Many Phones Can Connect to Single Vonage Line?

Vonage doesn’t recommend connecting more than 5 phones to a single Vonage line. Users can connect phones to Vonage line using different means like cordless phone, wireless phone jacks, home wiring, multi-port phone jacks (Splitters).

How much does it Cost to Cancel Vonage?

Cancelling your plan before the 12-month Agreement term has ended results in an Early Termination Fee of $120 or $60, depending on the agreement. This fee is charged when you cancel after the 30-day Money Back Guarantee has expired.

What Can I do with Suspended Vonage Account?

With suspended Vonage account, service is limited. You can log into your account can call 911 Emergency Service, and Vonage Customer Care. You cannot make any other calls.


Vonage Business’ VoIP solutions are a great way to stay connected with your employees, customers, and vendors. It will help you reduce costs and increase productivity which makes it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

So, if you have already enrolled for Vonage Business services but don’t know how to sign in to your account, then this brief Vonage Business login guide will surely help you out.

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